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Me - C. C.!In order to keep in touch, I will be writing a diary periodically of my day-to day activities. I encounter some pretty amazing things on the road with “The C.C. Show.” At least I can say my life is never dull! I really encourage you to ask me questions, send in comments, and keep me informed of your interest and concerns. I’d also appreciate any possible booking leads. Let’s stay in touch….C.C.


~My (C.C. Stevens) mission is to humbly use my body and mind, via theatrical performance, to unite and integrate us as humans based on our universal possession of emotion by encouraging all to find humor in topics that can be anything but funny.~

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Video Blog!

Hey Lovelies!

2014 brings about a lot of creativity, research, practice and accomplishments.  Already this year “The C.C. Show” has adventured past the winter weather of PA for and amazing bunch of folks.  Roddy has added the embassy of Monte Negro to his list of venues played. Congratulations to him and Gaye Adegbaloa for their success overseas.  And I have succeeded at making the NC triangle a foundation for me and “The C.C. Show” to accomplish some goals.

Goal number one this year is to become more settled and healthy in order to find discipline and focus so that I may achieve my objective in life.  My objective being to educate people via theatrical performance on physical and mental well being, while paying my staff a living wage.  This has been a financial struggle for just a cast of two, but I have been dancing outside the box on how to fix this problem.

Why are there so may people starving for entertainment yet so many entertainers are starving to entertain?

Their are lots of reasons why but one of the main ones I have found is a lack of support in small communities for live entertainment.  Well I want to face this head on with a thing I have entitled P.I.F. Theaters.   I will bring the entertainment and venue to the people for free.  How can you argue with a self sustainable portable theater that comes to your town for free to entertain these of the public?

We shall see.  Time will tell.  Please take time to follow my new video blog by clicking on the youtube channel C.C. Stevens.  By doing so you can join in on my adventure with a behind the red curtain look at all the hard work involved in the serious business of encouraging Everyone to have fun.  Let me know what you think via, email, FB, youtube, or here on the website.

Moonbeams and Butta Beans,

C.C. Stevens

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During our time apart…

Hi Lovely Loves!  Long time no blog! These past few months have been very trying and busy but full of excitement.  During our time away I have done a lot of work on my personal home life, as well as, a lot of behind the spotlight work on the show.

After our run to The Riverbend Festival, I went to work on mailing out the Cd’s from our fundraiser give away.  Again, I want to thank you for all of your dedication and faith in Roddy and I.  I hope you are enjoying your Cd’s and our hard work.  It was quite an experience!  Hopefully everyone who donated got their copy?  If not please let me know via email at cc@theccshow.com.   Also, if you would like a copy of the Cd, “Songs from The C.C. Show”, please email me with your address and phone number and I will be glad to get you the info. We will be on itunes and CD Baby as soon as we can so that you may purchase a copy with ease.

I haven’t blogged in around four months.  Everyday I beat myself up a little for not staying in touch with you guys and not moving leaps and bounds with The C.C. Show.  I sat down early August and tried to organize my to do list into a solid day to day…week to week schedule.  My life has been all over the place with no structure for years.  This is my first time in four years renting after I gave up my apartment to tour and work on The C.C. Show out of my station wagon.  I have rented since February but haven’t done well at settling down.  Last night was my 38th night sleeping in my new place.  How is that possible? At first I thought it was that I just got good at the Gypsy lifestyle and have found it hard to stay still, but after long calculation I found out that my free spirit isn’t to blame.

Sweethearts, if you calculate your daily hours you will find you have no time.  If you cook, eat, and clean up at every meal then you will take at least an hour.  That is three hours out of the day!  Add that to an 8hr work shift, at least 8hrs of sleep, and a daily hour of grooming…then you only have 4hrs left during your day to do things like drive to work, grocery shop, clean the house, do laundry.  We are set up from the word GO people!!!!

Before this I was getting desperate and thought that I might do a video blog in order to help me stay in touch with you more often. If I did a video blog on my progression and procrastinations then I will inadvertently turn you guys into my personal life coach, which will help keep me stay on track and settle into a routine.

I have now started training at a full time position as a receptionist for a therapeutic massage facility.  Between commuting to Greenville to teach, doing landscaping jobs, fire spinning PR gigs, moving, and exploring my new town’s opportunities, I have been extremely worn thin and unable to work on a tour for the CD.  Financially it takes a lot to tour as well as time and energy to book it.  Well, I am once again going to reach out for help.  During the month of October I will be working with a close friend on lending a hand.

So folks, I am alive!  I have learned all kinds of new hula hooping, poi, fire, and circus art skills.  I have finished moving and have started to get a good feel for my new town.  I have done three private parties, and several small PR gigs.  I have mailed out around 200 CD’s.  I have started focusing on my body and routinely doing yoga.  I participated in Raleigh’s own variety act called, “The Early Show.” I have landed my first ever full time job.  Most exciting thing has been participating in the Sparkcon Festival in downtown Raleigh.  This is a festival of creativity of any kind!  Ideas, visual art, written art, graphic art, car art, anything art, and our contribution CircusSpark.

CircusSpark fire show 2013

I have picked up three new fire tools within this past year, but CircusSpark was the first time my new community of artist had the opportunity to see me spin fire.  I was on fire for this is the festival and the unique crowd that won my heart and inspired me to move to this town.  Here is a pic taking by Paul Cory Photography to show you how happy I am!  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for taking time to catch up with me and please stay posted for the start of my video blog.

Moonbeams and Butta Beans,





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What an adventure!

Well guys we did it!  In seven days we played my hometown, Atlanta, and The Riverbend Festival of Chattanooga TN.  This blog may be a bit long but it has some excitement to say the least.

First we started with my hometown of Whiteville.  I got to play Gossiping Gladys and Hera the Hobo both Monday and Tuesday at the Columbus County Arts Council.  Thank you Mom, Sally Mann, and Clara Cartrette for making that possible.  My grandmother Hootnanny (as we all know her as), my father, his wife, Mrs Glen (from Baptist Baby Bonnie’s skit), and other family friends and church members all seen the show for the first time.  Some even came back for the second night…so success!  I even got Roddy Barnes muddy from the knee down on a 4-wheeler while I was down south!!!

Thank goodness that while I was on the phone with Caroleeena, who was getting their car inspected, I was reminded to look at my tags.  Well, they were out so before our show on Tuesday I had the car inspected and the tags renewed.  This would later pay off big time during our adventure. Wednesday morning we were off to Atlanta to stay with the Moon Goddess herself  Holly Howell.

Not far down the road did we regret not spending our few spare hours waiting at an auto shop while they repaired the AC.  Sweaty we went laughing our way to GA.  About the time we got up to a good speed I started noticing Roddy swatting at bugs I couldn’t see.  Soon we would realize that “Hippie” my ’87 Pontiac Safari Station Wagon is loosing her head lining and the foam that was once under the beautiful Burgundy cloth had disintegrated and was now covering us like powdered doughnuts.  Oh how the sweat did help it stick.  Our favorite part was when we would catch one of these flying flacks in the eye. ~ giggle inserted here!

About three hours from our destination, around Fairview SC, we heard a loud pow and parts of tire went flying.  We pulled off sure we had blown a tire but once we were parked on the side of Highway 20 we didn’t even see a loss of tire pressure in all four so we pulled back onto the road.  Well when driving a 26 year old station wagon packed tight there is no safe way of returning back on a busy interstate from a complete stop.

As soon as we got up to 25mph a thud thud thud sound came. We pulled over again and deiced it was a piece of siding on the car flapping so we make the daring attempt to enter the interstate traffic again only to have the sound return.   When pulling of the third time I notice while under the car that the outside wall of the back driver side tire is missing and metal mesh was exposed.  Welllllllllll, the spare tire is inside the wall of “Hippie,” and she is loaded to the gills, and it is like over 90 degrees at 3:30pm on the hot asphalt of the dangerous interstate side.  I chose to risk blowing her completely out and driving her the almost three miles at 25mph on the side of I20 to the nearest exit.  At the gas station a sweet lady named Mary helped us find a tire store 7miles away so we tried our hand at making it to the tire shop on our barely there tire.

30min later we arrive at what looks like a junk yard from a scary move.  It went on for I know a mile and we finally found a small entrance but no business sign. After meeting the not so overly friendly folks there I was sweating the fact we couldn’t just drive away real fast if we needed to.  Well lets just say I was very glad to not be traveling alone at this point.  Thankfully a very strong helpful man named Scooter put us a used tire on that was ALMOST the right size and we were back on our way.  Not until departing from this group of movie scene characters for about twenty miles did I ever get a laugh out of Roddy about this whole ordeal. I sadly had the giggles the whole time.

Once we were gassed up and on the road, well into the Atlanta traffic, Roddy had relaxed so far that he was doing a Sudoku puzzle.  About this time something the size of a shoe come off the back of this transfer truck and flew right into my window.  It rolled across the top of the car making a large bang boom that startled Roddy upright. Then he starts frantically pointing at his side window saying “your aerial, your aerial.”  I then realized that by aerial he meant antenna. Folks, this mystery object had had perfect marksmanship and had flown into my CB antenna, which was now dragging the grown outside of Roddy’s window.

Without thought I told him to roll the window down and pull it inside.  Surprisingly easy Roddy did just that pleading “will this ever end?”  I laughed once again at our new adventure in the wonderful world of “Hippie.”

Once we were just a few miles away from our home for the night my phone dies.  We of course were using my phone as a GPS and the great “Hippie” doesn’t have a cigarette outlet that works well enough to charge a phone so…after realizing that there was a Snapfinger Ln, Dr, Rd, and Ave we some how found our host standing in the street waving us to safety.

The next night we were to preform for About the Music at the Famous Pub in Atlanta.  Wonderful food and a great stage in the back.  We had a small crowd on the patio due to the weather and last minuet booking but they were with us solid all the way up until that huge storm arrived.  Roddy being the cleaver one decided to sing “Stormy Weather” but Mother Nature decided she was not in the mood for his sass but we of course got a big laugh out of it.

We then went inside where several of my favorite musicians had arrived to do an open mic jam with the Atalanta legend Donna Hopkins.  Other amazing people came to join including Ralph Roddenberry, who would later beat out the rhythm  to “Bodies” for me as I sang.  Donna herself even got up to hit a few notes of “Hallelujah” with me.  Needless to say it was a memorable night.

The next day we were off to check out The Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga TN and get our artist passes and transportation tag for “Hippie.” We meet some wonderful friends for breakfast at the Flying Biscuit in Decatur and gassed up.  No more the an hour away from our destination we see blue lights in the side mirrors.  Note I didn’t say rear view for “Hippie” was packed to the gills, which would later be this cops excuses for pulling us over. Please tell me how every moving truck on the roads in GA are not being stopped then for obstructed view.  Well we all know that my car is fun but some find the looks of her a little too much fun.

This guy was trying to be a party pooper but sadly for him we were not partying and were just boring musicians with a gig to get to.  He took my license and ran them only to return and ask me to step to the back of the car.  As I walked to meet him at the tail end of “Hippie” I tripped over my own feet only to stumble with ALL OF MY WEIGHT  straight into the officers chest.  Literally folks there was a thud when my face hit.  I practically had to pull his walkie talkie out of my mouth and hand it back to him.  He lost all of his militant manors and caught me and startled he asked was I ok.  I answered with “Dude your chest is made of steal”….”Well, no but my bullet proof vest is”

He of coursed then asked what the beer shaped beverage was in my cup holder.  Oddly me and Roddy had joked earlier how my organic ginger ale bottle looked like a beer and how it could cause trouble…now I have went and face planted into the chest of and officer like a drunkard.  He then ask if I had any drugs on board…I said no of course but wondered what idiots ever say yes.  All I could figure was the they look for body language to give the truth away.  He let us go and we were once again facing the danger of getting slow and heavy “Hippie” back on the interstate from a dead stop.

No more than twenty miles later we see blue lights again.  Yeah…you read that right.  This time the guy says that I didn’t signal a lane change.  Well, I had already waved to the officer in his undercover Ford Explorer about ten miles back so I know he was having to search for something to pull me over for…for like the other guy the thought “Hippie” was too much of a party.

This guy not only took my license but also Roddy’s.  I don’t think this is illegal but he did it anyway and because we didn’t have anything to hide we let him.  With in a few minuets another cop car arrived…then another…then another.  By the end of it there were six Sheriffs standing at the back of my car as one ran our ids through the system.

I decided to play it cool and ask one of the officers over for a conversation on the reliability of the mixed matched used tire Scooter had sold me.  About that time the officer that pulled me scared me when he was once again at my window asking me to step out of the car.  I made sure to not trip on  my feet this time.  He handed me a warning for my lack of signal and happily proceeded to the party pooping he was after.  He asked me if I had any drugs where upon I said “No.” “So you want mind if we have a look around then?”  Again I think that this is illegal for he didn’t have cause to search.  I was completely sober and not smelling of any mischief…only driving a blue station wagon painted up with space.

Again having nothing to hide I told him “Well, Sr. you can do as you wish but I have too much stuff back there to be taking out in this heat on the highway, plus we are only eleven miles from picking up our stage passes and getting off the road.  We are tired and would like to be on our way.”  “Oh, it will only take a few minuets.  We just want to go through the front section real fast.”  I agreed and he asked me to have my gentleman friend step out.  I had to giggle when I taped on the Roddy’s window only to find him back to his Sudoku puzzles.  We stood outside on the side of the highway as they went through the front of “Hippie.”

He then late us go and I gave them all a business card and invited them to the show.  Due to my fun car art I was pulled twice with in thirty minuets.  GA doesn’t like “Hippie.”

We got our passes and made it home for bed at some lovely friends vacant house.  We were out like lights.  The next day we got up cool as cucumbers and got dressed for our sound check.  We were so on the ball we were early to meet Ray our stage manager.  Here is a picture of him.  We fell in love with his guy!

Luckily we were not on that huge Coke stage like Roddy had thought but on a stage more our size.  It was perfect and set under a bridge.  Look at the first photo of the blog at how beautiful the setting was.  I even got to do Hera the Hobo out in the audience undercover for about fifteen minuets before the show started.  It was so much fun getting to play a hobo under a bridge in costume with a crowd that size.

They loved the hobo and the crowd kept growing and growing.  When I went off to get into Gladys Roddy had them laughing out loud to some of his originals.  The hung on to every word Gladys had and literally a roar of breath came out of the whole crowd as they exhaled during our last song “Hallelujah.”  Then I am honored to tell you that we got the only standing ovation that stage got during the whole two week run of the festival.  We signed autographs for and hour.

Our favorite fan was Conner pictured here back stage with Roddy and I.  He had to get Roddy’s Cd after hearing “Little Fishes.”  After finding out that Connor plays piano as well Roddy made him pinky promise that when Roddy was too old to play that stage under the bridge in TN that Connor would take his place and make sure to invite Roddy to the show.  Connor made that promise with such faith and strength it inspired Roddy and I all over again.

Thanks to Emily Kate Boyd and her family for introducing us to Chattanooga last year and hosting us on our visits.  To Jeff Styles for believing in us and booking the show.  To all of the stage, lighting, and sound managers, thanks for the show was only that good because of you.  Last but not least to all the wonderful new fans for your energy and light.  We hope to be back!

We didn’t just survive this big adventured we rocked it out.  Thanks to you we did it with our amazing new microphone and are beautiful Cd in hand.  We will be bringing our new Cd “Songs from The C.C. Show” to Raleigh NC this Friday and Saturday at Cirque De Vol Studios both nights at 7:30.  If you are in the area and donated I will hopefully have your signed copy with me.  If you are interested in getting one we will have them there to sign.  Thanks to everyone again for supporting this project from point A to point B.  Look what we made!


I can’t wait for you to hear it!  Much love…I hope you enjoyed!

Moonbeams and butta beans!

C.C. Stevens



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No Turning Back Now!

This should be the time to start panicking…two days away from our mini tour to and from our gig in Chattanooga TN.  The Riverbend Festival was expecting to sale 80,000 tickets for June 15th but reported a month ago that they were well past 90,000.

Holly Cow!!!

This past few months have been such a ride.  First to book this Festival and find out later how big it is.  Started a fundraiser out of faith to be able to show up to the festival with a working microphone and a cd of songs from the show.  In around three months you guys raised enough and my first ever cd is in production as I type. YOU AMAZE ME!!!

Many of you that know me personally know that the only time I stay still isn’t in my sleep but in the bath tub.  For the past nine years my home, my tub so to speak, has been wherever my best friend Liz Terzian resides.  Well, my girl is spreading her wings and venturing out on a new adventure, so today I hugged her and sent her off to work for my last time for a long time to come.

As I sat for the last time in the tub I have called my grounding place for the past five years, I thought about my new rented space in Raleigh and all the new things I want to explore.  I thought about the idea of me trying to stay put after this big run and doing some more writing, crafting, designing, and practicing. I thought about the fact that my first Cd is being printed at the very moment I sit and watch the storm clouds rush over the sky light.

Then my phone buzzes with business and I am reminded that I must get to work for this next two weeks are going to be a roller coaster.  Even though three of our gigs fell through due to various reasons we still have a memorable line up ahead.

After a full weekend of gigging in VA my buddy Roddy Barnes will drive to Raleigh to meet me Sunday afternoon.  We will load up “Hippie” with the set, costumes, piano, and our belongings.  Monday June 10th and Tuesday June 11th I am proud to say I will be performing for my hometown for the first time.   We will be in Whiteville NC at the Columbus County Arts Council both nights, show starting at 7pm.  I am super stocked to see all the faces of my childhood as I show them what I am up to now-a-days.

As if that isn’t exciting enough…my Cds are being shipped to meet me there.  That is right!!! The Cds are scheduled to arrive the beginning of this week.  Oh I hope that I didn’t make a typo or that all the songs are even on there..or…or…or…  What will be will be and the wonderful part about the whole thing is that I know you love me so you will love it.  You guys have proven your faith in my art so strongly with this cd/microphone fundraiser.  I love you guys and hope I make you proud.

After Whiteville we will then head to Chatanooga a day early to check out the festival and the stage we are to perform on.  I believe there is three stages left open at that particular time that we play.  I will let you know via facebook which stage and what time once I know.  Then Saturday is the day!  Please send us good vibes on that day.

We hope to stop in the Asheville area for a two day performance but the details haven’t yet been nailed down.  I will keep you posted.

Then for all of those in my new town of Raleigh, we will be returning to Cirque De Vol Studios June 21st and 22nd with performances at 7:30pm.  Please come and hear all about our adventure and pick up your copy of the new Cd.  Hang around after the show and we will sign it for you.

Well, I must pack down my computer and throw my milk crate of clothing into the car and head to Raleigh to pack.  I love you all and I am so glad you are on this journey with me.

Holly Cow here I go!!!!!!

Sunbeams and Jellybeans,



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15 donations need!

We are blown away by your support!!  THANK YOU!!! We only need 15 more donations of $25 or more to reach the printing funds we need!  TODAY IS OUR DEADLINE!  Here is how to donate

Go to www.paypal.com
~Click the “Send Money” tab
~Type “cc@theccshow.com” in the email address line
~Indicate the amount you are able to give.
~Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

If you don’t use, like, or are having trouble with paypal please

~send a check or money order
~payable to The C.C. Show to this address
~ Po Box 1285 Apex NC 27502
~after your donation is in the mail please email me at cc@theccshow.com
~in the email tell me how much your donation is for and I will update our goal graph!

We can do this!  You guys have given me all the faith in the world to go after my dreams.  This Cd is for you and made by you!  I am listening to it for the first time after being mixed right now as we finish up the graphics. YOU GUYS ARE GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!

I love you guys!


Sunbeams and Jellybeans,

C.C. Stevens


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Who wants a copy?

Who wants a copy of “Songs from The C.C. Show?” If you do please make a donation via paypal to cc@theccshow.com today and help us meet deadline.  All we need is 26 donations @ $25 to get us to our fundraising goal! Or we will take 130 donations @ $5.

You guys have got us to our halfway point in the printing portion of the Cd fundraiser.  This Cd is made for you and by you!  A huge thanks from Roddy and I, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.  I am so glad we will soon be able to say “yes” when asked if we have a Cd.  Thank-you! Thank-you!

So we have raised most of the printing funds in the past few days.  We have to raise $650 tonight in order to meet our deadline.  If we do not meet our deadline it will cost $200 extra to ship them.  This is a lot of money but we have a chance.  If we don’t make deadline then we just don’t meet deadline and we will continue raising the money and we print when we have it raised.  Either way we can only try our best and spread the word!

Not much happened fundraiser wise while I was gone today…but I must say it was an adventure.  Months ago before the Cd was even an idea Caroleeena…who I based the character Cackling Caroleeena on…the lady who owns the cockatoo named Mulder…well she decided to do her first ever live performance with Mulder Man at the 6th annual Hoop Convergence. Hoop Con was the first international conference of hula hoopers to get together and share what they know.  There are wonderful performances through the weekend.

So last night, secretly, I got into my painted up station wagon with a two foot tall white cockatoo to go make hooping history.  HOW COOL!!!  I was so excited all day long yesterday for all the strangers I would pass on I40.  If my car “Hippie” wasn’t eye catching enough as you travel the road next to me…I got a bird to bat!

The show was as amazing as the talented sweethearts in it.  And guys it was a show like no other.  It started with Mulder and Caroleeena hooping together, with a little bit of butt jump rope (youtube it)  in the middle, and a little head hooping from a unicycle sprinkled on the side, swallowing of a four foot long balloon just for added flavor, and ending with a lady snorting a condom and pulling it out her mouth.  I told you it was an adventure not to be missed.

Well, Mulder has been safely returned home as have I.  I sit exhausted in front of this computer excepting that whatever happens with this Cd fundraiser happens and it will be as it should whatever happens.  I love you guys!  Again, all we need is 26 donations @ $25 to get us to our fundraising goal!

Thank you for all the time, support, and love you wonderful souls!


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Tomorrow night is our deadline!

Hi Lovely Souls,

I wanted to give you an update!  We have until the end of tomorrow May 13th to raise the remaining funds to print “Songs from The C.C. Show” if we want to have it printed by our deadline.  I have started a public link on facebook for you guys to keep track of our progress.

I am so honored that so many of you have believed in us enough to donate.  My mind is blown and my eyes are as full as my heart to see our goal graph go up almost hour by hour here during our crunch time.  I am proud to announce that each one of you guys have helped us get this far…

We only need 26 more people to donate $25 or more and receive their free signed copy.  If you don’t have $25 to give but want to help…don’t worry Sweetheart every dollar and facebook post helps.  Any donation amount will receive a free digital copy of “Songs from The C.C. Show!”  You can donate via paypal at cc@theccshow.com

Don’t have paypal…don’t worry just email me at the address above and I will send you a safe address to send your donation to.

Guys we could not of done this without you.  This whole Cd is all because of you and for you!!! Please help us find those 26 more people who would enjoy our art.

I will be gone to Hoop Convergence on a secret but grand adventure until tomorrow night.  I will return with a great story and an updated goal graph.  While I am gone please keep the word spreading to those who enjoy The C.C. Show.

A huge THANKS from my overflowing heart,


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Recording done…now Printing!

Hello everyone of you sweet souls! Well, I made it through the nervous process of recording.  I gave it my best and now it is up to the genius behind the curtain, Mr Jeff Covert of Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studio.  I tell you what guys the man has an ear like no one I have ever meet so I am just have to have faith that he will make me sound the best I can and give you your dollars worth.

I must add the note that Roddy Barnes is such a talented man not just on the piano but in the recording studio.  He didn’t waist a min of recording time.  He is so good that he only needed one take on both his piano part and his vocals.  Great job man!

After we finished the recording we spent the next two days brainstorming with Sylvia DeVoss over the look of the album and what we wanted the cover image to be.  Roddy doesn’t really care to much for having his picture taken but I wanted him on the cover for he is half of the show.  I also wanted to cover to represent the vaudeville piano music feel that the show embarrasses.  Simple but clear while showing both Roddy and I enjoying our work.  I am glad to let you know that we got the shot we were after and as soon as I get a copy of it I will be sharing it with you.

Until then here is a awesome shot the talented eye of Sylvia caught of my character Sherri the Stripper.  I hope you like it!

The inside of the album will be a collage of a bunch of our characters.  This seemed like the best idea seeing as how  the whole album is “Songs from The C.C. Show.”  I want to thank the staff of Sycamore Rouge Theater of Petersburg VA for their help and support during our photo shoot there.  We are so glad you guys love us for you are one of our favorite venues ever!

Ok, so I am back to my office and I must really work hard to raise the rest of this money in order to print the CD we have now made together.  This is the biggest expense of  making a CD.  Again please share the fundraiser info with at least three friends you know will what to support us and get a free signed copy of the CD for any donations over $25.  Don’t worry if you don’t have that to give…we completely understand and want you to be rewarded for any donation amount.  So if you donate even $5 dollars you will get a free digital copy of the first ever C.C. Show Cd.

Here is how to donate:

~Go to www.paypal.com
~Click the “Send Money” tab

~Type “cc@theccshow.com” in the email address line
~Indicate the amount you are able to give.
~Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

Again thank you so much for being there for me while I ride out this journey.  Your support and ideas are what makes us able to do what we do and share it with the world.  I can’t wait to have a Cd to add to our massive message.

I love you guys and will be writing a lot in the next few weeks encouraging all those who can to help us reach our goal.

Thanks for being here with me,


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Time to record again!

Well, Roddy and I are off again this morning to Wally Cleavers Recording Studio to work with the amazing Jeff Covert on the remaining songs of the CD!

I spent the past few weeks submersing myself in work that didn’t deal with the fundraiser or the making of the CD, sadly because I am nervous.  I had to admit to myself how panicked I was, this past week, when I sat to write you guys a blog post about getting excited to record again but instead I freaked out and shut down.

Truth is that I am scared to death when I should be at ease.  We still have to raise the big chunk of change to print the CD but with your help we have raised enough to get the recording done and the new mic for the big show at the River Bend Festival. That is huge!!!  Your support has blown me away!  I should feel confident in my talent because you feel confident in me enough to financially support my first album… but like the human that I am my insecurities (yes I do have them rear their ugly head every now and then to remind me that I am not made of steel) surfaced and I was flooded with the fear of not being as good as I need to be to make a permanent record of my vocals.

I want to make you guys proud.  I want to give you your moneys worth. I want to pick the right songs.  I want you to enjoy the CD you made possible.   I want to create wonderful graphics of the fun facts and pictures that go along with songs we have chosen.  I want to make sure all your favorite non-originals are legally recorded based off of the copy write laws.   Last but not least, I want to make sure I sound the best that I can for this bad boy is going down in history.

This is a huge undertaking and as you can imagine a bit stressful to say the least.  I am scared and for the past few weeks I have just completely tuned out.   I have panicked so far out now that I can’t even picture what I want the front of the album to look like.  I feel like a little girl who dreamed about her wedding dress all her life yet when asked to get married can’t picture her dress.

Hey, but don’t stress guys. I tell you this just to keep myself honest and to keep you truthfully updated on what is going on with me and The C.C. Show.  I lost my wits about me this week and spazzed out.  I admitted all of my fears surrounding this project and I have come to the conclusion that I can’t trust that voice in my head that says I don’t have what it takes.  I have to instead trust this gut feeling I have to change the world with what I got and as only I can.  I have to not focus on the things my insecurities tell me but focus on what you my fans and supports tell me.

I’ve got this.  I will give it the best I have got and you will enjoy it for you enjoy me.  What more could I ask for….well calm nerves for one I guess…but until then…

I will face my fears and use them to produce a good product.  In the mean time please help me pick this fundraiser back up where we left off.  The most expensive part of  the production of a Cd is the printing.  We have to raise right at 1,350!!! Please, please, please understand that if you don’t have much to give but want to help then don’t be ashamed to give just a dollar for that is still a huge contribution.  Every dollar counts and if all those that could give just $5 did then the project would be fully funded in no time.



We are halfway done with the overall fundraiser and just have printing to go!!!!






Here is the PayPal directions to donate.  Please try and share this with at least three people you know that would enjoy the work Roddy and I strive so hard to create.

Go to www.paypal.com

Click the “Send Money” tab

Type “cc@theccshow.com” in the email address line

Indicate the amount you are able to give.

Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for believing in my abilities even when I question them myself!


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You guys Produced 7 songs!

Hey Beautiful People,

Oh my what a great two days! Our show last night was great.  OUR MIC ROCKS!  Thanks to you guys we had a whole show without loosing sound, so thank you…THANK YOU! We did Bella the Bacon, Broken Beth, and Cackling Caroleeena and they enjoyed them all.  The best part for me about Babes is that it has volley ball court I can spin fire on.  It was great to entertain some who had never seen someone dance with fire.

Roddy and I stayed out until Babes of Carytown closed which is surprising because we were exhausted from the emotional day before of recording.  I am not an early riser but Thursday morning I was nervously up at 5:30am.  All the songs were ran through by 7:30 and we were showered and headed to meet Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studios.  I promise the money you guys raised was well spent.  We got down seven songs:   Hallelujah, Gin Do the Talking, More Than I Can Say, Happiness, Hungry Woman, Don’t Worry, and Baby Bird.  Here is a clip of us doing a rough draft of one of the songs filmed by my good friend Sylvia DeVoss.  You can see how much fun we had.  Have I told you guys that I love Roddy Barnes?

Gin Do the Talking

We have scheduled our second day of recording for May 1st but it may work out that we get to record even sooner.  Roddy and I have listened to the rough draft over and over and laughed and cried every time.  That makes me feel confident that you guys will love it for Roddy and I are our worst critics.

I can’t wait to have this ready to share with you guys.  We still have to raise the money for the printing of the CD which isn’t cheep but at least we have the whole month of April to spread the word and make this thing happen.

To Donate:

Go to www.paypal.com

Click the “Send Money” tab

Type “cc@theccshow.com” in the email address line

Indicate the amount you are able to give.

Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS…so please please don’t think something like a $5 donation isn’t important for if everyone donated that we would have more than enough by tomorrow.  We can’t do it without you guys!

I have a full week of work back in NC and I still have to unpack all the boxes in the new costume/office space we have rented in Raleigh.  I will share more clips as I get them.

I want to thank you guys for all the faith you have had in me and this fundraiser.  My mind is blown at how passionate some of you guys have been about the art I do.  I can’t quite grok it…I still can’t believe Roddy Barnes is my musical partner and is writing songs for the silly skits in my head…I can’t believe I will be playing such a huge gig in June, I can’t believe I will have a CD soon…BUT IS ALL HAPPENING THANKS TO YOU!

Thank you, Thank you!


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