Recording begins April 4th!!!

Thanks to our kindhearted and generous fans, we just ordered the Shure Performance Wireless Mic for our big gig! It should be here by the weekend and I look forward to testing it out at our gig/fundraiser at Babes in Richmond, VA. April 5th. (It’s @ 8pm.  Please come! It will be such a relief to have a reliable mic that works with our various characters and costumes. I am so grateful!!!

We are also moving forward with recording our first CD. Roddy and I have selected 14 songs highlighting several of our characters. We have scheduled recording time at Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studios in Fredricksburg, Va, where the multitalented Jeff Covert will be mixing our CD. We are very lucky to have his collaboration on this project. If everything goes according to plan each track is going to cost about $50 to produce. I am happy to tell you we have already raised enough to record three tracks! (Yay! And that’s in addition to the new mic!) But we go into the studio April 4th and we must pay our entire recording fee up front so, with less than two weeks to go we have to raise a little more than $500.

I am trying to get creative with fundraising and generating income but I need your help!  Please accept the challenge of sharing this post with at least three friends. If everyone donated $5, we would reach our goal in no time. If you donate $50, you will be helping to create a whole song! I am planning to give each donor, regardless of amount, a digital copy of the CD once it’s recorded. If you donate enough for a whole song, $50, I will give you a printed copy with a special inscription to you noting how you, personally, made one of these songs possible.

Can you help?

To keep you updated and celebrate what we have already accomplished together, I have created a cool graphic:

Our goal!!!

Here is an itemized list of how these donations will be used:

  • New microphone + warranty = $400
  • Shipping + tax for microphone = $50
  • Recording and mastering 14 songs at $50 a piece = $700
  • Purchasing copyrights to record three songs = $300
  • Printing 1,000 CDs = $700
  • Printing 1.000 designed CD cases = $650
  • Shipping + tax for CDs = $250

Each day I will update the fundraising goal graphic so you’ll be hearing a lot from me over the next two weeks. I will post this graphic on Facebook each day so everyone can see how much progress we have made.

Again, we couldn’t do this without you. Supporting artists not only helps the artist, it helps the world. Art has the power to change our world view. It opens us up to new possibilities. It lifts us up when we are low and goads us into action when we are stuck. It demonstrates to others that they can create also. Art makes the world a better place. By supporting artists, YOU are making the world a better place. And I promise to pay forward these donations in every way I can. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Time is of the essence. We go into the recording studio April 4th. Please help if you can…and remember that sharing this plea is also helping.

To Donate:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Send Money” tab
  3. Type “” in the email address line
  4. Indicate the amount you are able to give.
  5. Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

Big thanks and huge love from both Roddy and me! I am so grateful for you all.

C.C. Stevens

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