You guys Produced 7 songs!

Hey Beautiful People,

Oh my what a great two days! Our show last night was great.  OUR MIC ROCKS!  Thanks to you guys we had a whole show without loosing sound, so thank you…THANK YOU! We did Bella the Bacon, Broken Beth, and Cackling Caroleeena and they enjoyed them all.  The best part for me about Babes is that it has volley ball court I can spin fire on.  It was great to entertain some who had never seen someone dance with fire.

Roddy and I stayed out until Babes of Carytown closed which is surprising because we were exhausted from the emotional day before of recording.  I am not an early riser but Thursday morning I was nervously up at 5:30am.  All the songs were ran through by 7:30 and we were showered and headed to meet Jeff Covert at Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studios.  I promise the money you guys raised was well spent.  We got down seven songs:   Hallelujah, Gin Do the Talking, More Than I Can Say, Happiness, Hungry Woman, Don’t Worry, and Baby Bird.  Here is a clip of us doing a rough draft of one of the songs filmed by my good friend Sylvia DeVoss.  You can see how much fun we had.  Have I told you guys that I love Roddy Barnes?

Gin Do the Talking

We have scheduled our second day of recording for May 1st but it may work out that we get to record even sooner.  Roddy and I have listened to the rough draft over and over and laughed and cried every time.  That makes me feel confident that you guys will love it for Roddy and I are our worst critics.

I can’t wait to have this ready to share with you guys.  We still have to raise the money for the printing of the CD which isn’t cheep but at least we have the whole month of April to spread the word and make this thing happen.

To Donate:

Go to

Click the “Send Money” tab

Type “” in the email address line

Indicate the amount you are able to give.

Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS…so please please don’t think something like a $5 donation isn’t important for if everyone donated that we would have more than enough by tomorrow.  We can’t do it without you guys!

I have a full week of work back in NC and I still have to unpack all the boxes in the new costume/office space we have rented in Raleigh.  I will share more clips as I get them.

I want to thank you guys for all the faith you have had in me and this fundraiser.  My mind is blown at how passionate some of you guys have been about the art I do.  I can’t quite grok it…I still can’t believe Roddy Barnes is my musical partner and is writing songs for the silly skits in my head…I can’t believe I will be playing such a huge gig in June, I can’t believe I will have a CD soon…BUT IS ALL HAPPENING THANKS TO YOU!

Thank you, Thank you!


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