Who wants a copy?

Who wants a copy of “Songs from The C.C. Show?” If you do please make a donation via paypal to cc@theccshow.com today and help us meet deadline.  All we need is 26 donations @ $25 to get us to our fundraising goal! Or we will take 130 donations @ $5.

You guys have got us to our halfway point in the printing portion of the Cd fundraiser.  This Cd is made for you and by you!  A huge thanks from Roddy and I, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude.  I am so glad we will soon be able to say “yes” when asked if we have a Cd.  Thank-you! Thank-you!

So we have raised most of the printing funds in the past few days.  We have to raise $650 tonight in order to meet our deadline.  If we do not meet our deadline it will cost $200 extra to ship them.  This is a lot of money but we have a chance.  If we don’t make deadline then we just don’t meet deadline and we will continue raising the money and we print when we have it raised.  Either way we can only try our best and spread the word!

Not much happened fundraiser wise while I was gone today…but I must say it was an adventure.  Months ago before the Cd was even an idea Caroleeena…who I based the character Cackling Caroleeena on…the lady who owns the cockatoo named Mulder…well she decided to do her first ever live performance with Mulder Man at the 6th annual Hoop Convergence. Hoop Con was the first international conference of hula hoopers to get together and share what they know.  There are wonderful performances through the weekend.

So last night, secretly, I got into my painted up station wagon with a two foot tall white cockatoo to go make hooping history.  HOW COOL!!!  I was so excited all day long yesterday for all the strangers I would pass on I40.  If my car “Hippie” wasn’t eye catching enough as you travel the road next to me…I got a bird to bat!

The show was as amazing as the talented sweethearts in it.  And guys it was a show like no other.  It started with Mulder and Caroleeena hooping together, with a little bit of butt jump rope (youtube it)  in the middle, and a little head hooping from a unicycle sprinkled on the side, swallowing of a four foot long balloon just for added flavor, and ending with a lady snorting a condom and pulling it out her mouth.  I told you it was an adventure not to be missed.

Well, Mulder has been safely returned home as have I.  I sit exhausted in front of this computer excepting that whatever happens with this Cd fundraiser happens and it will be as it should whatever happens.  I love you guys!  Again, all we need is 26 donations @ $25 to get us to our fundraising goal!

Thank you for all the time, support, and love you wonderful souls!


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