Recording done…now Printing!

Hello everyone of you sweet souls! Well, I made it through the nervous process of recording.  I gave it my best and now it is up to the genius behind the curtain, Mr Jeff Covert of Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studio.  I tell you what guys the man has an ear like no one I have ever meet so I am just have to have faith that he will make me sound the best I can and give you your dollars worth.

I must add the note that Roddy Barnes is such a talented man not just on the piano but in the recording studio.  He didn’t waist a min of recording time.  He is so good that he only needed one take on both his piano part and his vocals.  Great job man!

After we finished the recording we spent the next two days brainstorming with Sylvia DeVoss over the look of the album and what we wanted the cover image to be.  Roddy doesn’t really care to much for having his picture taken but I wanted him on the cover for he is half of the show.  I also wanted to cover to represent the vaudeville piano music feel that the show embarrasses.  Simple but clear while showing both Roddy and I enjoying our work.  I am glad to let you know that we got the shot we were after and as soon as I get a copy of it I will be sharing it with you.

Until then here is a awesome shot the talented eye of Sylvia caught of my character Sherri the Stripper.  I hope you like it!

The inside of the album will be a collage of a bunch of our characters.  This seemed like the best idea seeing as how  the whole album is “Songs from The C.C. Show.”  I want to thank the staff of Sycamore Rouge Theater of Petersburg VA for their help and support during our photo shoot there.  We are so glad you guys love us for you are one of our favorite venues ever!

Ok, so I am back to my office and I must really work hard to raise the rest of this money in order to print the CD we have now made together.  This is the biggest expense of  making a CD.  Again please share the fundraiser info with at least three friends you know will what to support us and get a free signed copy of the CD for any donations over $25.  Don’t worry if you don’t have that to give…we completely understand and want you to be rewarded for any donation amount.  So if you donate even $5 dollars you will get a free digital copy of the first ever C.C. Show Cd.

Here is how to donate:

~Go to
~Click the “Send Money” tab

~Type “” in the email address line
~Indicate the amount you are able to give.
~Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

Again thank you so much for being there for me while I ride out this journey.  Your support and ideas are what makes us able to do what we do and share it with the world.  I can’t wait to have a Cd to add to our massive message.

I love you guys and will be writing a lot in the next few weeks encouraging all those who can to help us reach our goal.

Thanks for being here with me,


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