Time to record again!

Well, Roddy and I are off again this morning to Wally Cleavers Recording Studio to work with the amazing Jeff Covert on the remaining songs of the CD!

I spent the past few weeks submersing myself in work that didn’t deal with the fundraiser or the making of the CD, sadly because I am nervous.  I had to admit to myself how panicked I was, this past week, when I sat to write you guys a blog post about getting excited to record again but instead I freaked out and shut down.

Truth is that I am scared to death when I should be at ease.  We still have to raise the big chunk of change to print the CD but with your help we have raised enough to get the recording done and the new mic for the big show at the River Bend Festival. That is huge!!!  Your support has blown me away!  I should feel confident in my talent because you feel confident in me enough to financially support my first album… but like the human that I am my insecurities (yes I do have them rear their ugly head every now and then to remind me that I am not made of steel) surfaced and I was flooded with the fear of not being as good as I need to be to make a permanent record of my vocals.

I want to make you guys proud.  I want to give you your moneys worth. I want to pick the right songs.  I want you to enjoy the CD you made possible.   I want to create wonderful graphics of the fun facts and pictures that go along with songs we have chosen.  I want to make sure all your favorite non-originals are legally recorded based off of the copy write laws.   Last but not least, I want to make sure I sound the best that I can for this bad boy is going down in history.

This is a huge undertaking and as you can imagine a bit stressful to say the least.  I am scared and for the past few weeks I have just completely tuned out.   I have panicked so far out now that I can’t even picture what I want the front of the album to look like.  I feel like a little girl who dreamed about her wedding dress all her life yet when asked to get married can’t picture her dress.

Hey, but don’t stress guys. I tell you this just to keep myself honest and to keep you truthfully updated on what is going on with me and The C.C. Show.  I lost my wits about me this week and spazzed out.  I admitted all of my fears surrounding this project and I have come to the conclusion that I can’t trust that voice in my head that says I don’t have what it takes.  I have to instead trust this gut feeling I have to change the world with what I got and as only I can.  I have to not focus on the things my insecurities tell me but focus on what you my fans and supports tell me.

I’ve got this.  I will give it the best I have got and you will enjoy it for you enjoy me.  What more could I ask for….well calm nerves for one I guess…but until then…

I will face my fears and use them to produce a good product.  In the mean time please help me pick this fundraiser back up where we left off.  The most expensive part of  the production of a Cd is the printing.  We have to raise right at 1,350!!! Please, please, please understand that if you don’t have much to give but want to help then don’t be ashamed to give just a dollar for that is still a huge contribution.  Every dollar counts and if all those that could give just $5 did then the project would be fully funded in no time.



We are halfway done with the overall fundraiser and just have printing to go!!!!






Here is the PayPal directions to donate.  Please try and share this with at least three people you know that would enjoy the work Roddy and I strive so hard to create.

Go to www.paypal.com

Click the “Send Money” tab

Type “cc@theccshow.com” in the email address line

Indicate the amount you are able to give.

Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Thank you for believing in my abilities even when I question them myself!


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