Tomorrow night is our deadline!

Hi Lovely Souls,

I wanted to give you an update!  We have until the end of tomorrow May 13th to raise the remaining funds to print “Songs from The C.C. Show” if we want to have it printed by our deadline.  I have started a public link on facebook for you guys to keep track of our progress.

I am so honored that so many of you have believed in us enough to donate.  My mind is blown and my eyes are as full as my heart to see our goal graph go up almost hour by hour here during our crunch time.  I am proud to announce that each one of you guys have helped us get this far…

We only need 26 more people to donate $25 or more and receive their free signed copy.  If you don’t have $25 to give but want to help…don’t worry Sweetheart every dollar and facebook post helps.  Any donation amount will receive a free digital copy of “Songs from The C.C. Show!”  You can donate via paypal at

Don’t have paypal…don’t worry just email me at the address above and I will send you a safe address to send your donation to.

Guys we could not of done this without you.  This whole Cd is all because of you and for you!!! Please help us find those 26 more people who would enjoy our art.

I will be gone to Hoop Convergence on a secret but grand adventure until tomorrow night.  I will return with a great story and an updated goal graph.  While I am gone please keep the word spreading to those who enjoy The C.C. Show.

A huge THANKS from my overflowing heart,


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