No Turning Back Now!

This should be the time to start panicking…two days away from our mini tour to and from our gig in Chattanooga TN.  The Riverbend Festival was expecting to sale 80,000 tickets for June 15th but reported a month ago that they were well past 90,000.

Holly Cow!!!

This past few months have been such a ride.  First to book this Festival and find out later how big it is.  Started a fundraiser out of faith to be able to show up to the festival with a working microphone and a cd of songs from the show.  In around three months you guys raised enough and my first ever cd is in production as I type. YOU AMAZE ME!!!

Many of you that know me personally know that the only time I stay still isn’t in my sleep but in the bath tub.  For the past nine years my home, my tub so to speak, has been wherever my best friend Liz Terzian resides.  Well, my girl is spreading her wings and venturing out on a new adventure, so today I hugged her and sent her off to work for my last time for a long time to come.

As I sat for the last time in the tub I have called my grounding place for the past five years, I thought about my new rented space in Raleigh and all the new things I want to explore.  I thought about the idea of me trying to stay put after this big run and doing some more writing, crafting, designing, and practicing. I thought about the fact that my first Cd is being printed at the very moment I sit and watch the storm clouds rush over the sky light.

Then my phone buzzes with business and I am reminded that I must get to work for this next two weeks are going to be a roller coaster.  Even though three of our gigs fell through due to various reasons we still have a memorable line up ahead.

After a full weekend of gigging in VA my buddy Roddy Barnes will drive to Raleigh to meet me Sunday afternoon.  We will load up “Hippie” with the set, costumes, piano, and our belongings.  Monday June 10th and Tuesday June 11th I am proud to say I will be performing for my hometown for the first time.   We will be in Whiteville NC at the Columbus County Arts Council both nights, show starting at 7pm.  I am super stocked to see all the faces of my childhood as I show them what I am up to now-a-days.

As if that isn’t exciting enough…my Cds are being shipped to meet me there.  That is right!!! The Cds are scheduled to arrive the beginning of this week.  Oh I hope that I didn’t make a typo or that all the songs are even on there..or…or…or…  What will be will be and the wonderful part about the whole thing is that I know you love me so you will love it.  You guys have proven your faith in my art so strongly with this cd/microphone fundraiser.  I love you guys and hope I make you proud.

After Whiteville we will then head to Chatanooga a day early to check out the festival and the stage we are to perform on.  I believe there is three stages left open at that particular time that we play.  I will let you know via facebook which stage and what time once I know.  Then Saturday is the day!  Please send us good vibes on that day.

We hope to stop in the Asheville area for a two day performance but the details haven’t yet been nailed down.  I will keep you posted.

Then for all of those in my new town of Raleigh, we will be returning to Cirque De Vol Studios June 21st and 22nd with performances at 7:30pm.  Please come and hear all about our adventure and pick up your copy of the new Cd.  Hang around after the show and we will sign it for you.

Well, I must pack down my computer and throw my milk crate of clothing into the car and head to Raleigh to pack.  I love you all and I am so glad you are on this journey with me.

Holly Cow here I go!!!!!!

Sunbeams and Jellybeans,



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