During our time apart…

Hi Lovely Loves!  Long time no blog! These past few months have been very trying and busy but full of excitement.  During our time away I have done a lot of work on my personal home life, as well as, a lot of behind the spotlight work on the show.

After our run to The Riverbend Festival, I went to work on mailing out the Cd’s from our fundraiser give away.  Again, I want to thank you for all of your dedication and faith in Roddy and I.  I hope you are enjoying your Cd’s and our hard work.  It was quite an experience!  Hopefully everyone who donated got their copy?  If not please let me know via email at cc@theccshow.com.   Also, if you would like a copy of the Cd, “Songs from The C.C. Show”, please email me with your address and phone number and I will be glad to get you the info. We will be on itunes and CD Baby as soon as we can so that you may purchase a copy with ease.

I haven’t blogged in around four months.  Everyday I beat myself up a little for not staying in touch with you guys and not moving leaps and bounds with The C.C. Show.  I sat down early August and tried to organize my to do list into a solid day to day…week to week schedule.  My life has been all over the place with no structure for years.  This is my first time in four years renting after I gave up my apartment to tour and work on The C.C. Show out of my station wagon.  I have rented since February but haven’t done well at settling down.  Last night was my 38th night sleeping in my new place.  How is that possible? At first I thought it was that I just got good at the Gypsy lifestyle and have found it hard to stay still, but after long calculation I found out that my free spirit isn’t to blame.

Sweethearts, if you calculate your daily hours you will find you have no time.  If you cook, eat, and clean up at every meal then you will take at least an hour.  That is three hours out of the day!  Add that to an 8hr work shift, at least 8hrs of sleep, and a daily hour of grooming…then you only have 4hrs left during your day to do things like drive to work, grocery shop, clean the house, do laundry.  We are set up from the word GO people!!!!

Before this I was getting desperate and thought that I might do a video blog in order to help me stay in touch with you more often. If I did a video blog on my progression and procrastinations then I will inadvertently turn you guys into my personal life coach, which will help keep me stay on track and settle into a routine.

I have now started training at a full time position as a receptionist for a therapeutic massage facility.  Between commuting to Greenville to teach, doing landscaping jobs, fire spinning PR gigs, moving, and exploring my new town’s opportunities, I have been extremely worn thin and unable to work on a tour for the CD.  Financially it takes a lot to tour as well as time and energy to book it.  Well, I am once again going to reach out for help.  During the month of October I will be working with a close friend on lending a hand.

So folks, I am alive!  I have learned all kinds of new hula hooping, poi, fire, and circus art skills.  I have finished moving and have started to get a good feel for my new town.  I have done three private parties, and several small PR gigs.  I have mailed out around 200 CD’s.  I have started focusing on my body and routinely doing yoga.  I participated in Raleigh’s own variety act called, “The Early Show.” I have landed my first ever full time job.  Most exciting thing has been participating in the Sparkcon Festival in downtown Raleigh.  This is a festival of creativity of any kind!  Ideas, visual art, written art, graphic art, car art, anything art, and our contribution CircusSpark.

CircusSpark fire show 2013

I have picked up three new fire tools within this past year, but CircusSpark was the first time my new community of artist had the opportunity to see me spin fire.  I was on fire for this is the festival and the unique crowd that won my heart and inspired me to move to this town.  Here is a pic taking by Paul Cory Photography to show you how happy I am!  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for taking time to catch up with me and please stay posted for the start of my video blog.

Moonbeams and Butta Beans,





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  1. Joey
    Posted October 8, 2013 at 3:25 am | Permalink

    Girl, I loved your performance at sparkcon and I so glad you landed in Raleigh. Reading this post makes me wanna hang even more. Anyway, hope synchronicity tracks us down.

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