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2014 brings about a lot of creativity, research, practice and accomplishments.  Already this year “The C.C. Show” has adventured past the winter weather of PA for and amazing bunch of folks.  Roddy has added the embassy of Monte Negro to his list of venues played. Congratulations to him and Gaye Adegbaloa for their success overseas.  And I have succeeded at making the NC triangle a foundation for me and “The C.C. Show” to accomplish some goals.

Goal number one this year is to become more settled and healthy in order to find discipline and focus so that I may achieve my objective in life.  My objective being to educate people via theatrical performance on physical and mental well being, while paying my staff a living wage.  This has been a financial struggle for just a cast of two, but I have been dancing outside the box on how to fix this problem.

Why are there so may people starving for entertainment yet so many entertainers are starving to entertain?

Their are lots of reasons why but one of the main ones I have found is a lack of support in small communities for live entertainment.  Well I want to face this head on with a thing I have entitled P.I.F. Theaters.   I will bring the entertainment and venue to the people for free.  How can you argue with a self sustainable portable theater that comes to your town for free to entertain these of the public?

We shall see.  Time will tell.  Please take time to follow my new video blog by clicking on the youtube channel C.C. Stevens.  By doing so you can join in on my adventure with a behind the red curtain look at all the hard work involved in the serious business of encouraging Everyone to have fun.  Let me know what you think via, email, FB, youtube, or here on the website.

Moonbeams and Butta Beans,

C.C. Stevens

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  1. Gerry Rosenthal
    Posted May 23, 2014 at 4:29 pm | Permalink


    I have your old card and periodically check out your website. How great to find it live and, as usual, kicking!!! You’re still my favorite firebrand. Have great success. I’ll keep my eyes open for new CC developments.

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