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Video Blog!

Hey Lovelies! 2014 brings about a lot of creativity, research, practice and accomplishments.  Already this year “The C.C. Show” has adventured past the winter weather of PA for and amazing bunch of folks.  Roddy has added the embassy of Monte Negro to his list of venues played. Congratulations to him and Gaye Adegbaloa for their [...]

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During our time apart…

CircusSpark fire show 2013

Hi Lovely Loves!  Long time no blog! These past few months have been very trying and busy but full of excitement.  During our time away I have done a lot of work on my personal home life, as well as, a lot of behind the spotlight work on the show. After our run to The [...]

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What an adventure!


Well guys we did it!  In seven days we played my hometown, Atlanta, and The Riverbend Festival of Chattanooga TN.  This blog may be a bit long but it has some excitement to say the least. First we started with my hometown of Whiteville.  I got to play Gossiping Gladys and Hera the Hobo both [...]

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No Turning Back Now!

Holly Cow!!!

This should be the time to start panicking…two days away from our mini tour to and from our gig in Chattanooga TN.  The Riverbend Festival was expecting to sale 80,000 tickets for June 15th but reported a month ago that they were well past 90,000. This past few months have been such a ride.  First [...]

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15 donations need!

7. Three Years Old cropped

We are blown away by your support!!  THANK YOU!!! We only need 15 more donations of $25 or more to reach the printing funds we need!  TODAY IS OUR DEADLINE!  Here is how to donate Go to the “Send Money” tab~Type “” in the email address line~Indicate the amount you are able to give.~Make [...]

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Who wants a copy?


Who wants a copy of “Songs from The C.C. Show?” If you do please make a donation via paypal to today and help us meet deadline.  All we need is 26 donations @ $25 to get us to our fundraising goal! Or we will take 130 donations @ $5. You guys have got us [...]

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Tomorrow night is our deadline!


Hi Lovely Souls, I wanted to give you an update!  We have until the end of tomorrow May 13th to raise the remaining funds to print “Songs from The C.C. Show” if we want to have it printed by our deadline.  I have started a public link on facebook for you guys to keep track [...]

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Recording done…now Printing!

Sherri shoe

Hello everyone of you sweet souls! Well, I made it through the nervous process of recording.  I gave it my best and now it is up to the genius behind the curtain, Mr Jeff Covert of Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studio.  I tell you what guys the man has an ear like no one I have [...]

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Time to record again!

part copyrights

Well, Roddy and I are off again this morning to Wally Cleavers Recording Studio to work with the amazing Jeff Covert on the remaining songs of the CD! I spent the past few weeks submersing myself in work that didn’t deal with the fundraiser or the making of the CD, sadly because I am nervous.  [...]

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You guys Produced 7 songs!

recording one

Hey Beautiful People, Oh my what a great two days! Our show last night was great.  OUR MIC ROCKS!  Thanks to you guys we had a whole show without loosing sound, so thank you…THANK YOU! We did Bella the Bacon, Broken Beth, and Cackling Caroleeena and they enjoyed them all.  The best part for me [...]

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