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Recording begins April 4th!!!

Our goal!!!

Thanks to our kindhearted and generous fans, we just ordered the Shure Performance Wireless Mic for our big gig! It should be here by the weekend and I look forward to testing it out at our gig/fundraiser at Babes in Richmond, VA. April 5th. (It’s @ 8pm.  Please come! It will be such a [...]

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Half Way There!!!

Samson Airline Micro

Thanks to YOU GUYS we are half way there!  I am so grateful. Between my last post and now, many of you have responded with financial contributions and kind, encouraging words. We also held a fundraiser in Decatur, GA alongside lovely friends Emily Kate Boyd and Faye Petree and live streamed this show online via [...]

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Please read, I need your help!!!!

My dream for the C.C. Show is to connect people through laughter.  With your support I have made it this far.  This dream has been coming together slowly over the last three years and now,  suddenly, Roddy and I have a huge opportunity to share our dream with THOUSANDS of people … but I will [...]

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Thanks for believing in what I do!

My milk crates are neatly packed with my entire wardrobe.  The C.C. Show’s costumes and set are tucked into Hippie as well for we are renting a costume/office space in Raleigh NC.   I am super excited about being so close to so many new venues and so many old friends.  I can’t wait to learn [...]

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I did it!

I did it!  I made it through last Sunday’s show…and what a show!  For those of you who missed the show in Raleigh we made C.C. Show history… First we brought back Harriett the Hobo with all of her great blues standards.  I missed her sassy spirit!  Though I enjoyed her musical taste that spans [...]

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New Year, Characters, Videos, & Dates!

AGAIN, I am sorry it has been so long since I last blogged.  I have been running the roads as usual.  I have been really enjoying my new friends in Raleigh NC.  They are teaching me so much, and I am sooooo grateful! We have NEW CHARACTERS that we will be debuting this month.  I’d [...]

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Joining the circus!

In the past month I have gotten into all kinds of creative mischief! Out of nowhere I hitched my wagon to a bunch of circus folks.  Now, I have a whole basket full of new talents I never dreamed I’d be attempting…hula hooping, poi, aerial silks, and all kinds of new fire spinning tools.  How [...]

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WV, DC, GA, oh my!

What an adventurous month!  Roddy and I are very thankful to have a break from each other for if we had another gig our guts would, with out question, burst!  I swear we have too much fun together.   As I always say about my partner in crime, not only is his musical talent impeccable but [...]

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A wonderful July into a busy August!

July was wonderful! ~ I celebrated turning the big 30 with my blues family at the Augusta Heritage Blues Week.  This is where I meet Roddy Barnes five years ago.  This year he gave me the best birthday present ever!  At the staff show case he was allotted two songs to preform.  Out of all [...]

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Sorry I’ve been gone so long!

Besides being on the road I have ran into some computer problems which have made my blogs few and far between. So sorry about that guys.   A lot has happened though since my last post on 4-11…here is what you have missed…. We wrote a new character based off of the song “Leave the [...]

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