Recording begins April 4th!!!

Thanks to our kindhearted and generous fans, we just ordered the Shure Performance Wireless Mic for our big gig! It should be here by the weekend and I look forward to testing it out at our gig/fundraiser at Babes in Richmond, VA. April 5th. (It’s @ 8pm.  Please come! It will be such a relief to have a reliable mic that works with our various characters and costumes. I am so grateful!!!

We are also moving forward with recording our first CD. Roddy and I have selected 14 songs highlighting several of our characters. We have scheduled recording time at Wally Cleaver’s Recording Studios in Fredricksburg, Va, where the multitalented Jeff Covert will be mixing our CD. We are very lucky to have his collaboration on this project. If everything goes according to plan each track is going to cost about $50 to produce. I am happy to tell you we have already raised enough to record three tracks! (Yay! And that’s in addition to the new mic!) But we go into the studio April 4th and we must pay our entire recording fee up front so, with less than two weeks to go we have to raise a little more than $500.

I am trying to get creative with fundraising and generating income but I need your help!  Please accept the challenge of sharing this post with at least three friends. If everyone donated $5, we would reach our goal in no time. If you donate $50, you will be helping to create a whole song! I am planning to give each donor, regardless of amount, a digital copy of the CD once it’s recorded. If you donate enough for a whole song, $50, I will give you a printed copy with a special inscription to you noting how you, personally, made one of these songs possible.

Can you help?

To keep you updated and celebrate what we have already accomplished together, I have created a cool graphic:

Our goal!!!

Here is an itemized list of how these donations will be used:

  • New microphone + warranty = $400
  • Shipping + tax for microphone = $50
  • Recording and mastering 14 songs at $50 a piece = $700
  • Purchasing copyrights to record three songs = $300
  • Printing 1,000 CDs = $700
  • Printing 1.000 designed CD cases = $650
  • Shipping + tax for CDs = $250

Each day I will update the fundraising goal graphic so you’ll be hearing a lot from me over the next two weeks. I will post this graphic on Facebook each day so everyone can see how much progress we have made.

Again, we couldn’t do this without you. Supporting artists not only helps the artist, it helps the world. Art has the power to change our world view. It opens us up to new possibilities. It lifts us up when we are low and goads us into action when we are stuck. It demonstrates to others that they can create also. Art makes the world a better place. By supporting artists, YOU are making the world a better place. And I promise to pay forward these donations in every way I can. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Time is of the essence. We go into the recording studio April 4th. Please help if you can…and remember that sharing this plea is also helping.

To Donate:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Send Money” tab
  3. Type “” in the email address line
  4. Indicate the amount you are able to give.
  5. Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

Big thanks and huge love from both Roddy and me! I am so grateful for you all.

C.C. Stevens

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Half Way There!!!

Thanks to YOU GUYS we are half way there!  I am so grateful.

Between my last post and now, many of you have responded with financial contributions and kind, encouraging words. We also held a fundraiser in Decatur, GA alongside lovely friends Emily Kate Boyd and Faye Petree and live streamed this show online via HighHat Moon, a “non-entity” whose beautiful mission is to enable our “Patron Family Tribe” to support the arts directly. 100% of the money raised is going toward the purchase of our new  a mic and recording a CD. I am thrilled to report that we have raised the money for the new hands-free mic for the C.C. Show and will be getting it this week!  That is huge!!! Thank you. You have given me faith that we can reach our entire goal of not just the microphone but the CD as well.  I have taken a leap of faith and reserved the studio time to begin recording so if you are planning to help, I strongly encourage you to help soon! We begin recording at the beginning of April.

Right now though, I want to pause and celebrate the huge mile marker of funding the new microphone!  Thanks to everyone for your help and for your encouraging words of support in our endeavors.  A great big go go gadget hug to all of you who have donated online or in person!  Please place a reminder note in the back of your mind that tells you every time you see us perform or hear one of the songs on our new CD, that you helped create this moment. You literally helped make the sound you are hearing happen.

You have been so kind to me and Roddy and we want to do something for you too, soooooo…if you have made a financial donation of ANY AMOUNT, or, for those of you who donate ANY AMOUNT between now and April 10th, which is when we head into the studio to record, Roddy and I would like to happily gift you a digital copy of the first ever C.C. Show CD!  I couldn’t do this without you. You are helping me and I want to give back to you. Thank you.  Support from you guys is what makes my mission possible.

After a lot of research, including calling upon the expertise of my fellow musicians (thanks you guys), here is the finalists in hands-free wireless mic category.  (If you have suggestions or comments about either, please respond  in the comments or on our facebook page. I will take all the advice I can get!)

Samson Airline Micro

The Samson Airline Micro Wireless Earset System: This one is truly wireless.  This means no matter what character I play–a piece of bacon or a hula hooping sensation–I will not have a wire to get caught in.  It is also the less expensive  of the two options.

Sure PG/14 PG30

The Shure PG/14 PG 30 Performance Gear Wireless Headset Microphone System: This is the one most of my musician friends prefer. It has a belt box receiver and wire and, unfortunately, I have struggled working around these in the past.  It is also a little more expensive than the Samson…but very reliable and durable.

Sennheiser XSW 52-A

The Sennheiser XSW 52-A Wireless Headset Microphone: This one has also been suggested by many musician friends but, again, it has a belt box receiver and wire that I would have to work around.  It costs more but again it has proven reliable and durable.

I plan to order the new mic by the end of this week so that I can test it out at our next show.  I will also spend this week rehearsing the songs we have selected for our CD, our first recording ever.  How exciting!  You will also be hearing from me via facebook more frequently over the next two weeks. I’ll be spreading the word about our huge gig at the Riverbend Festival and also about the fund drive.

We need your help to reach our goal before we go into the recording studio April 10th. You can donate directly by following the instructions below but you can also help by sharing this plea with your friends who support healing laughter and the age-old art of stage performance!

To Donate:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Send Money” tab
  3. Type “” in the email address line
  4. Indicate the amount you are able to give.
  5. Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. (This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.)

Please Please Please help spread the word!!!

We have come a long way already and it is all because of you. Roddy and I could not do what we do without your help so a big thanks from Roddy and me!

C.C. Stevens

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Please read, I need your help!!!!

My dream for the C.C. Show is to connect people through laughter.  With your support I have made it this far.  This dream has been coming together slowly over the last three years and now,  suddenly, Roddy and I have a huge opportunity to share our dream with THOUSANDS of people … but I will need your help.

We  just signed a contract to perform at the Riverbend Festival in Chattanooga TN on June 15th. This is a huge exposure gig but not a huge paying gig.  We will have to book other venues along the way in order pull it off…which is typical in the music biz…but I just found out that we are on the main stage! Second to the last slot before the huge fireworks showcase…in other words we are one of the main headliners! WHAT??? Exciting and terrifying!!!! Then, last week, after a little research the enormity of what I have signed on for began to reveal itself to me. They are expecting 80,000 people to attend the Saturday we perform.  Yeah you read that right…80,000!!!!!

Holly Cow!!!

Soooo, that’s exciting…and daunting…and brings me to why I am writing. Many of you who have seen our show have seen me struggle repeatedly with my hands free microphone.  70% of the time it will mess up during a show. This has been poor Roddy’s and my major stress before every show. “Will the mic work this time?”  Many times, in small venues, I’ve just ripped the damn thing off and finished without it! I don’t think that would work for this show. ;^) Also, we have an opportunity to sell CDs! This would really expand the reach of the CC Show. Plus almost every one of you have requested that I cut a CD.  Well there is no more time to procrastinate! I have to get a good mic and cut a CD–all before the biggest gig in the history of  The C.C. Show. This is a make it or break it moment for us and we NEED to make both things happen — fast!

As of the beginning of this year I have had to accept the reality that I have contributed all that my credit will allow me.  The C.C. Show credit card is maxed out!  I am grateful to the sweet soul at our last gig in Petersburg, VA who slipped a gas card and a Home Depot gift card into our donation box.  The Home Depot card paid for new hardware for the poles that hold up our new backdrop and if it were not for the gas card I wouldn’t have been able to move our set from Greenville to our new costume shop in Raleigh.  Thank you! These are perfect examples of how much your support is needed and what it means to me.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am grateful.

Now The C.C. Show is facing the greatest challenge we have ever faced and I need your help to meet that challenge. There are multiple ways you can help.  Sunday, March 10th at 3pm we are having a house concert/fundraiser in Atlanta, GA to raise money for the production of the CD and to purchase the much needed mic. We will be streaming a live feed so you can watch at home. (Click this link to join in on the evenings event. How cool is that!!!) If you feel lead to contribute to the cause, we have set up a PayPal  account where you can donate. It is up and running now.   You can donate via PayPal. You don’t need a Paypal account and the site accepts all major credit cards.  Just go to click the “Send Money” tab~ type in “” in the email address line ~ indicate the amount you are able to give. Make sure to click the “Personal” tab and to check “Gift”. This way Paypal doesn’t deduct a fee.

Please help if you can. Every penny counts guys!  And please help SOON! We must complete both these tasks before the end of April and both require money up front. We have to manifest some cash asap! I can’t do this with out your help.

Thank you for all your love and support. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I promise to make a kick-ass CD that you will all love!

Oh Lord Help!!!!!!


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Thanks for believing in what I do!

My milk crates are neatly packed with my entire wardrobe.  The C.C. Show’s costumes and set are tucked into Hippie as well for we are renting a costume/office space in Raleigh NC.   I am super excited about being so close to so many new venues and so many old friends.  I can’t wait to learn new skills and hear new stories.  I feel this move will be for the best.

While in transit my move was delayed and I had to rely on a friend’s kindness for shelter for the weekend.  This oh so familiar feeling of everything I own sitting in a wagon on the curb while I wait out the waves in some sweet soul’s space forces me to reflect on why I do what I do and live the way that I live.  When your occupation takes up more room in your car than all your possessions it makes you think…how strange…

Just a little idea I jotted down in yet another friend’s bathtub that I felt led to share to say thanks to all those who have had such faith and love invested in me that you have been willing to open not just your hearts but your homes. I love you and could not be who I am without you!!!


a monster I did create

but for only me to see

it is stronger than I am

to change this world is my dream


don’t tell Mom and Daddy

their girl sold her soul to art

which I can’t even define

just a voice inside my heart


that makes my body heavy

a tear for a mere stranger

inspiration at a glance

putting my mind in danger


of creating a vision

something never seen

so deep it makes them shiver

fear they won’t get what I mean


but trying it any how

giving up my foundation

a home out on the road

living for my creation


to do what only I can do

to do what you need me to

to unite us with laughter

not be afraid of the truth


this is going to really hurt

jumping is terrifying

with Only hopes of soaring

my mission death defying


freedom to show myself bare

to be laughed at as I cry

to represent the outcast

in hopes it will change a life


So THANKS for this safe bathtub

for I no longer own one

and I need a place to hide

when this gift feels like a ton


for nobody wants to see me

down with thoughts of giving up

doubt my true ability

fear to actually jump


I don’t think you understand

Your kind support I hold dear

f or the only home I got

is this candle and this beer


sometimes I have to dance

in this world all alone

without Your faith it’s scary

no bed to call my own…




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I did it!

I did it!  I made it through last Sunday’s show…and what a show!  For those of you who missed the show in Raleigh we made C.C. Show history…

First we brought back Harriett the Hobo with all of her great blues standards.  I missed her sassy spirit!  Though I enjoyed her musical taste that spans from Bessie Smith to Marcia Ball, I was worried about how my wind and energy would hold out for the following two characters.

I must say I was almost nervous about these two characters.  Next I would be doing our “bacon bit” as Roddy calls it.  Yes guys I have a character that is a piece of bacon named Bella!  Bella has a certain quality about her that required a lot of creativity from me as a costumer…but Roddy was pleased with it and that is all that matters because Bella Bacon is the first ever Roddy Barnes skit.  Yes! Yes! Roddy is now writing skits…what on earth have I unleashed on this world?!? Bella is such a wonderful concept and my boy Roddy has written another heartfelt ballad that will stick with you way after the show is over.  We got a few tears but even more laughs and tons of positive feedback for this new character.

Even though I had successfully premiered the first original skit of the amazing Roddy Barens my job was far from over! I was about to attempt to do my first non-fictional character in front of the actual muse!!!! Cackling Caroleeena was inspired by a woman who captured me with her laugh, inspired me with her generosity to give so freely of her talent, and motivated me with her freedom to be silly.  The scary part of this was not just that the actual woman would be watching this go down but that this woman happens to be one of the top hoop dancers in the world…no joke…just this week she was nominated for Hoop Instructor of the Year and Hooper Hall of Fame…oh and lets not forget what an amazing poet she is.  So on top of writing the character, creating the costume…I had to learn a tongue twister of a poem and how to hoop dance….as well as apply false eyelashes and glitter makeup within a 15min intermission!!!!!

After a lot of rehearsing it was finally time to premiere this free spirited fun loving character in front of my muse and all of her close friends…OH AND DID I MENTION SHE HAD NO IDEA?!?  If you are interested in hearing her side of the evening and learning more about this inspiring Caroleeena Mabry please check out her blog from this week at or enjoy her hooping tutorials on her Caroleeena youtube channel.

We decided that to help keep Caroleeena from backstage we would ask her to recreate the wonderful hooping video she did to Roddy’s funny original tune “Suicidal Animals” live for our sweet audience during the intermission. Little did she know while she was doing her thing I was back stage getting dressed to impersonate her doing her thing.  I went so far as to get a puppet of her famous cockatoo Mulder.  Please click on his name to see a video we did together!

When the last skit started I begin back stage quoting some of Mulder’s favorite sayings…but it wasn’t until I rounded the curtain’s edge and Caroleeena caught the first sparkle of my flashy green hat that she let out an “Oh My God” and sunk into her chair….hehehehehe that I had so conventionally placed in the front row.  If surprising her wasn’t bad enough I even convinced her sweet self to help me film the audience’s reaction thus capturing her reaction when she first saw herself on stage.

I am proud to announce that I didn’t hyperventilate or  hit anyone with a hula hoop and Caroleeena forgave me for my devilish surprise.  I was BLOW AWAY to be able to bring both Caroleeena and Roddy to tears and laughter with their own creations. I feel very very strongly in the message both Cackling Caroleeena and Bella Bacon bring to those who see The C.C. Show and I am honored to be the one and only to have that responsibility…WHAT AN HONOR!!!  I love you both very dearly and consider myself extremely blessed to call you two my closest friends! Thanks to all those who helped me pull this successful show off and to all the wonderful smiling faces shining back at me this past Sunday!

I’m also proud to announce that word has spread of Bella in no time and we have been booked at one of our favorite venues, Sycamore Rouge in Petersburg VA next weekend, Feb. 1st & 2nd at 8pm.  Please come check out our new characters and help us spread the word!


C.C. Stevens


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New Year, Characters, Videos, & Dates!

AGAIN, I am sorry it has been so long since I last blogged.  I have been running the roads as usual.  I have been really enjoying my new friends in Raleigh NC.  They are teaching me so much, and I am sooooo grateful!

We have NEW CHARACTERS that we will be debuting this month.  I’d tell you all about them but as you know I always like to keep which characters are going to be at which shows a surprise…so please come catch a show.

We have two dates for The C.C. Show booked at the first circus school in NC.  Roddy and I will be at Cirque De Vol Studios on Jan 13th and 20th at 6pm in downtown Raleigh NC.  The gigs have been added to our schedule page where you can find more information.  Tickets ordered before the day of the show are cheaper so check out the venues website to get your discounted seat.  I am glad to announce that the shows are going to sale out so please order you tickets ASAP!

In addition to our gigs in Raleigh, Roddy will be visiting Greenville NC on Jan 16th to the newly opened Peasant’s for a solo show starting at 8pm.  If you are in the area please come by and check the new place out and enjoy some great food and music.

I have added several new videos to theccshowdotcom youtube page.  One is of my new best friend Mulder the Cockatoo.  Check us out singing a song by JoyScout entitled “Baby Bird.”  Our buddy Jake Postma of the public access channel in Greenville also provided some footage from our show last May.  Also I added an audition tape shot of me fire dancing and singing the  fan favorite “Bodies.”

We hope you enjoy the new videos and that you are able to make it to our Raleigh gigs.

Off to do costuming and rehearsal…

C.C. Stevens


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Joining the circus!

In the past month I have gotten into all kinds of creative mischief! Out of nowhere I hitched my wagon to a bunch of circus folks.  Now, I have a whole basket full of new talents I never dreamed I’d be attempting…hula hooping, poi, aerial silks, and all kinds of new fire spinning tools.  How did I get involved in this wonderful mayhem, you ask, well…

A VERY interesting friend of mine, who has inspired a new character Cackling Caroleeena , invited me randomly to visit her for an art festival in downtown Raleigh, called SparkCon.   Needing to dedicated some time for character research on the actual Caroleeena, I decided to drop everything and go.  Come to find out several of my long time friends had worked on putting together a type of circus school called Cirque de Vol, and were taking part in their own section of the festival called CircusSpark.

You guys, no lie, I am ready to move to Raleigh…these are my kind of people!!!  It might be scary for you to know that there are more out there like me, but I am quite delighted to not be such an odd ball anymore.   I have been back every other weekend and my creativity and skill level doubles ever visit.  Watch out 2013!

With only two months left in the year I have to slow down on the travel, and use every second to get the new characters written, dressed, and build an outdoor set.  Problem is I don’t sit still well!!!!!

I will keep you posted on my process.  Roddy and I hope to have characters: Belle Bacon, Sherri the Stripper, Closeted Courtney, Cackling Caroleeena and Butch up and ready for 2013.  The writing must be ironed out.  The songs must be rehearsed.  The costumes must me made.  The set pieces must be bought and compartmentalized.  The back drops need to be designed and painted.  The new set must be designed and built.  Large work load, but I love it!

The beginning of this week I am finishing the design of the new outdoor set, which will allow us to do festival work.  Today, I spent four hours in the hardware store pricing and computing before I purchasing the supplies.   This weekend, I have been hired to spin fire at a two day party in High Point NC, so I am planing on doing the final research and writing on Cackling Caroleena while I am in the area.  This character will take more practice on my part than any other character I have ever attempted.   I love a good challenge.

Wish me luck on my endeavors and I will hopefully be blogging more frequently as I proceed.

Sunbeams and Jellybeans,





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WV, DC, GA, oh my!

What an adventurous month!  Roddy and I are very thankful to have a break from each other for if we had another gig our guts would, with out question, burst!  I swear we have too much fun together.   As I always say about my partner in crime, not only is his musical talent impeccable but his sick sense of humor is a perfect match for me.

We started August with a private concert for a wonderful couple in WV.  Prier to arriving I thought we were preforming in PA.  For those of you who don’t know that tiny sliver of WV between PA and OH is only a few miles wide.  So you can drive in three states within 45 min.  I learn something new everyday!

It was outside on a beautiful farm with a pond and several barns.  They’re farm is well known for being a safe haven for rescued animals.   Dogs, cats, potbellied pigs, goats, horse, donkeys, and chickens!  Sorry you guys if I left any of your lovelies out?!?   The carpenter in me was beside myself due to all the refurnished barn wood used in their country home.  Fresh flowers cut from the butterfly garden filled vases everywhere.  Just beautiful!

Roddy and I were surprised when they requested Broken Beth for a private party but a lot of their guest were social workers.  We had an over whelming response to the show.  I’m so glad others are finding our new character as inspiring as we do.  The guest were as entertaining as the host.  Author Wiley Cash was there and signed us each a copy of his NY best seller, “A Land More Kind Than Home.”  Also after the show I had a few of the guest want to try their hand at fire spinning.

Sadly I was coming down with a serious sinus infection before we arrived in WV.   Luckily my voice made it throughout the show before it gave out completely.  Poor Roddy had thrown his back out about a week before and the long drive was doing a number on him by the next day…still we made it out to visit friends at the Wheeling Blues Fest down on the water front.  Great blues and BBQ!

Next we had a show with a lot of our Augusta Blues Week folks at The Corner Store in DC.  This was a great listening room/art gallery ran by a sweet couple downtown on Capitol Hill.  We brought back the Hobo for this show and the crowd had a ball.  The boogie woogie man himself, Daryl Davis, was there for us to entertain.  We will definitely be returning to this wonderful venue.

The next day when we were pulling out, after our stay with a mutual friend, we were surprised to find that “Hippie’s” tire rod had broken.  There we were under the car with three lanes of DC traffic buzzing by our legs.  Luckily Roddy had AAA and the dispatcher Rachel was so helpful in getting “Hippie” towed to the local auto shop.  If anyone has a problem in the Capitol Hill area please visit the nice folks at Distad’s American Service, Inc., because they were more then helpful with a fair price.  Thanks to both of these great companies we were back on the road for home by late that afternoon.

Our last venture was to the woods for my wonderful family of GA.   I have admired the musicians who play this private festival’s main stage for half a decade now, and was beside myself that we were invited to take part this year.  The night before we preformed I was dancing with all I my might around the campfire, when a man whom I had never meet asked me if I was C.C.?  I informed him that I was and he informed me that I may need to retire for the night for our show was only a few hours a way.  I was having so much fun with the music of my family that I about seen the sun come up.

Also that day the owner of the land, a well aged man with lots of spunk, asked if he could buy my car.  You all know very well that my “Hippie” will NEVER be for sell.  Well he didn’t like that answer and the s***-talking began.  Well if you know me I gave it right back to him…and he loved it! We quickly bonded over our quick witted attitudes.

We were the first act on the main stage that day…no pressure! We of course gave them everyone’s favorite, Gladys.  I was so shocked and amazed that we had such a huge turn out.  The elders said it was one of the biggest daytime crowds they had ever seen.  Everyone of my loves were just as quiet and attentive as could be.  The positive energy they shot back my way from the crowd became over powering by the last song and I broke down in tears for a second.

I didn’t have time to take in all the love I had just received before I was informed that the spunky land owner had decided that he would call the local tow truck in and steal “Hippie” if I wouldn’t sell her.  Lol…you guys, I am sure, know for a fact that I was not going to let this happen.  What a great joke.  I loved it!  Sadly the joke was not on me but more on the folks in the audience for they thought he was seriously going to tow my car away.  One of my brothers got the whole thing on film and I will share it with you on The C.C. Show facebook page when he gets it loaded.

Too much fun…if that is even possible.  Thanks to all our new friends for your new found support.   Tons of love for all of you who love us 100%…It is why we continue to do what we do.  Until next time….

Sunbeams and Jellybeans,

C.C. Stevens

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A wonderful July into a busy August!

July was wonderful!

~ I celebrated turning the big 30 with my blues family at the Augusta Heritage Blues Week.  This is where I meet Roddy Barnes five years ago.  This year he gave me the best birthday present ever!  At the staff show case he was allotted two songs to preform.  Out of all the wonderful songs he has composed, he chose one that he wrote for The C.C. Show.  It was an out of body experience to see hundreds of people laugh at my expense when he imitated me during the introduction of the song…AND then to see nearly all of them cry at the beautiful words he has arranged to express one of my characters stories.  To think just three years ago, I didn’t even think he would play with a no-name like me, and now he is writing masterpieces to give life to the wild ideas in my head.  Roddy Barnes is the best birthday gift ever, Thanks Lord!

It was wonderful to see all the great faces at Augusta.  My sassy sister Ruby Red shared an amazing room with me in the historic mansion, Graceland.  I spent two hours everyday swimming in a claw foot bath tub that was longer than I am tall.  I do believe I left the dance floor there looking like Swiss cheese from dancing holes in the floor.  The best blues musicians, the best blues fans, and the best blues tunes=sweat drenched clothes and sore feet.  I incorporated my new fire bow staff, which was a lot of fun!  My song all week was “This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!”  I do believe I have smiled a new wrinkle into my face, so thanks to all those at Augusta I hold dear.

~ We are headed to PA mid August to play a wonderful private party.  Very excited about the wild crowd attending this one!  On the way back home we will stopping to entertain the DC area at a gallery called The Corner Store.  Show starts at 8pm, and discounted RSVP tickets of $15 can be reserved by emailing the venue at with the name of the show and a list of names of those who will be attending.  Your RSVP tickets will be at the door the night of the show.  If you do not RSVP then tickets will be $20 at the door the night of the show.

~In between these shows Roddy and I will be back to rehearsing some new characters that have been in the works.  Always lots of fun to watch our creations come to life!

~There has been a C.C. Stevens Entertainer fan page created on Facebook, due to the big magazine article in Columbus County Living Magazine.  Please go and like our new page!

~Last but not least, I was on our website’s analytics feature and was shocked to see that in the past month we have had views from over 20 states in the USA, as well as, Spain, Australia, and Canada.  How cool!

Thanks for loving us and what we do!  We love you back whole bunches!!!


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Sorry I’ve been gone so long!

Besides being on the road I have ran into some computer problems which have made my blogs few and far between. So sorry about that guys.   A lot has happened though since my last post on 4-11…here is what you have missed….

  • We wrote a new character based off of the song “Leave the Light On” by one of my favorite singers/composers Beth Hart.  The character, Broken Beth, is quite surrounded by the blues and touches on heartbreak and drug addiction…but of course I give her, like all of my characters, a happy ending.  I have fallen in love with the challenge of portraying this character.  I feel that her message is very familiar to most and pushes the envelope more then any other character I have written thus far. Besides her message she was written for the song selection….WHICH ROCKS!!!!  Thank the Lord that all that have seen her have really been moved and encouraged me to continue to share her!
  • Memphis loved Broken Beth and The C.C. Show!!!! We made them laugh and cry at a lunch performance after the 33rd Blues Music Awards at The Center for Southern Folklore. This was a huge mile marker for me personally.  They of course were blown away by the talented Roddy Barnes.  We have been asked to entertain the great blues musicians again next year.  Couldn’t ask for a better story! Thank you so much for the kind words of all who stayed afterwards to encourage us to pursue what we do even more!   To all the new friends I made, I enjoyed you so much…see you again next year!
  • After all of the hoops and hurtles I took a brake and went back to the woods to enjoy my adopted family.  God has blessed me with some of the most amazingly talented and inspiring group of loved ones.  I am full once again of positiveness that I promise to spread to the world to the best of my ability.  I Love Love Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I am back in NC doing odd jobs to pay for the recent trip to TN and gather up a bank for several new characters in the works.  I will be doing this most of June and July.
  • I was recently included in the first Columbus Living Magazine from my home county in NC.  They did a piece on four individuals who were making their way in the entertainment biz.  I am very proud that they posted my mission statement on the very top of the page long article about me and my work with The C.C. Show.  Due to the distribution of 20,000 copies I had to start a C.C. Stevens facebook fan page…please go and like me!!!!!!!
  • Please check Roddy out this coming July…he is booked all over the place!  You can find out more on the schedule page of The C.C. Show website. Due to his packed July solo schedule I have decided to work, write, and celebrate the whole month…for I will be turning the big 30 on the 23rd!   If feels weird seeing as how I have been fibbing by saying I am 35 for years now.  I am such a kid still!
  • Last but not least I am finally reaching out for help booking the show.  I have found that to write, design the set and costumes, practice, and perform is as much as I can take on…then you have to add the PR and booking…so I have reached out to a very special friend of mine to take a shot at being my booking agent.  So thankful she is willing and excited!  Wish her luck, everyone!

*****Thanks for staying faithful to my blog even though I have disappeared for a few…I will be better now that I will be staying put for a while.  Love you all and keep in touch with me on facebook! ~ C.C.

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