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C. C. Performing
A powerhouse entertainer, C.C. brings us a two-hour energy filled, one-woman show, with recording artist Roddy Barnes on piano. With three short acts, each act is a separate creative introduction into the lives of three totally diverse wild characters—the wildest, of course, being C.C. herself.  Saving the best for the last act, C.C. gets intimate with her fans, singing songs that tell her personal story and joking about life.  The character that is C.C. and those of her imagination brought to life will entertain any crowd.  A vaudeville inspired show of comedy, costumes, and good music.  See her sing, shimmy, and shake the night away in “The C.C. Show!”

The Talk About Town:

“I have seen very few performers who are able to pull off the characters and the songs, the form and the content, the cerebral and the visceral all in the same show.  And, she is an amazing comedienne.  C.C.’s talent is truly unique.  To put it another way, she’s got so much mojo to give the world!”  ~ Gaye Adegbalola, founding member of Saffire Uppity Blues Women

“C.C. doesn’t just portray an array of oddball characters; she brings them to life on stage. No, make that SINGS them to life with a genuine blend of humor and pathos that helps you know them as well.” ~ Jerry Allegood, a freelance writer in Greenville, NC

“C.C. stirs the senses and her voice moves the heart shakra while her delicate and vibrant artistry shakes up and wakes up every other shakra present! She is an Amazing multi dimensional musician~fused~theatrical performer of visual, sensual and cerebral magnificance~ See it and Be it to Believe it!” ~ Ralph Roddenbery, singer-songwriter

“C.C. Stevens is a shockingly talented newcomer who owns a stage like a veteran performer.  She has radiant energy, a natural and authentic voice, and an electric personality.  Whether she is simply interpreting a song or performing one of her multitude of characters, Ms. Stevens never fails to hold the attention of all who are lucky enough to catch one of her shows.” ~ Geoffery L. Hughes, account manager at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Trade & Reference Publishers

“I’ll be keeping my eye out for you” ~ Lily Tomlin, world famous comedian and C.C. Steven’s top 5 inspirations

Venue Requirements


  • We must have accessible electric outlets for piano and two lamps.
  • A sound system with four inputs (two for piano, two for microphones), two main speakers and two monitors. (We have a small system when absolutely necessary, therefore additional electric outlets will be required.)

The show is very adaptable to most any space , but …


  • The staging area should be elevated.
  • A sound technician just for sound check.
  • The staging area must be a minimum of 8×6, but set is flexible.
  • Stage lighting is preferred, but not necessary. However, stage must be bright enough for action to be visible.
  • A preferred audience of 18-years or older.

Any questions please contact me via email.


Contract for “The C. C. Show”: Download PDF


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